• 22 Years In Citrus County
    • Honesty and Integrity
    • Payment Plans Available
    • No Collateral (if qualified)
    • Literally 1 Minute From The Jail
    • Open 24/7/365

1 Minute From Citrus County Jail

Bail Bonds Company in Citrus County

Although our main business is Dealing With Sheriff Departments And Jail Systems of Citrus, Marion, Levy, Alachua, Hernando, Gilchrist and Sumter Counties, we are also licensed to write bonds anywhere in the United States.  If you’re on vacation, visiting family out of town, or traveling for business and run into legal issues, Midnight Run Bail Bonds is a number you want in your phone.  We have all the experience needed to make the bail process as quick and painless as possible. 

We provide county jail inmate search information 24 hours a day 7 days a week here on our website. Discretion and the privacy of our customers is very important to us. Great care is taken to ensure you are very comfortable and well informed on every step of the bail bond procedure. Just drop by the office or give us a call to start the process of getting your loved one home.

If you’re looking for Citrus County Bail Bonds, Matthew Armato with Midnight Run Bail Bonds is your fastest and most reliable way to get out of jail. If you or a loved one are being held in custody as a result of an arrest, your bail will likely be set in court within the first 48 hours. When that happens, you should consider hiring our bail bonds service to help you obtain a quick release. 

We here at Midnight Run Bail Bonds charge a small fee and then post the rest of your bail on your behalf. Once bail is secured through Matthew, a professional bondsmen, you will be free to prepare for your trial in the comfort of your own home. Contact the professional bail bonds company Midnight Run Bail Bonds as soon as possible for a fast release.

22 Years In Citrus County

Honesty, Integrity and Dedication

Payment Plans Available

No Collateral (if qualified)

Literally 1 Minute From The Jail

Open 24/7/365

How Can a Bail Bondsman Near Me Help?

1. Initial Payment

You pay a small portion of the full bail amount to start the release process. We'll help you through the process.

2. Customized Payment Plan

We’ll work with you to create a payment option that fits your financial situation. We even require no collateral (if qualified)

3. Securing Release

We present the court with the full bond amount owed and quickly secure the release of you or your loved one.

Bail Bondsman Who Take Payments

Midnight Run Bail Bonds

Literally 1 minute From The Jail

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